Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte

October has arrived, and with it my favourite autumn flavour: pumpkin! Pumpkin spice lattes are popular at major café chains, but what is in that sweet orange syrup, anyway? Let’s make a pumpkin spice chai tea latte with real pumpkin—they’re in season after all! You won’t pay for an overpriced PSL again once you try this PSCL.  🙂 Bonus: You don’t need a fancy latte maker, either! Recommended listening: Indie Morning on Songza Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte Ingredients: 1 pie pumpkin (or substitute canned pumpkin) 2 cups milk of your choice (I used almond milk) 2 tsp...

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Tastes like tea: Grilled chicken tea rub

Even though our household is only made up of two people, we batch cook eight to a dozen chicken breasts about once a week. We’ll eat grilled chicken and a side of seasonal veggies for dinner that night, and then I’ll use the leftovers throughout the week on salads, in soup or on sandwiches. That way there’s always something easy and healthy to grab from the fridge when we don’t have time to cook and sit down for a proper meal, thanks to our busy schedules. To keep this routine interesting and my tastebuds from getting too bored, I...

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How to make tea-infused salad dressing

If you’re looking to cut more processed foods out of your diet, making your own salad dressing is one of the easiest ways to do so. I haven’t bought salad dressing in years since I learned this simple trick for elevating plain old oil and vinegar. The secret is to add an emulsifier to get the oil and acid to blend together and thicken. My go-to is a combination of dijon mustard and pure maple syrup as an emulsifier. So: if you have oil, vinegar (or wine, or citrus juice), mustard and maple syrup (or honey, or agave syrup)...

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Try this: Up your smoothie game with green tea ice cubes

Get more of the benefits of green tea! If you’re looking for an easy way to add some extra antioxidants (and caffeine!) to your morning smoothie, try replacing regular ice cubes with green tea ice cubes! Simply brew up a batch of green tea, pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Add more nutrients by dropping a few fresh berries into each cube. When you’re ready to make your smoothie, blend together a handful of ice cubes with your favourite smoothie ingredients (I like strawberries, half a banana, protein powder, chia seeds and almond milk). This simple switch adds...

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Infuse Your Booze: Tea infused beer

Last week we talked about infusing vodka with tea, but did you know you can also infuse beer?  Tea infused beer is another super refreshing summery drink. In the Greater Toronto Area, Mill Street Brewery’s Lemon Tea Beer—which is infused with orange pekoe and earl grey teas— is a summer patio favourite. Brewmaster Joel Manning actually cold-brews the tea in the beer, and you can too! Infusing beer with tea can change the flavour, infuse the health benefits of tea, and add boost of caffeine. To Make Tea Infused Beer: Recommended listening: Hamptons Beach Traffic on Songza. Use a tea infuser...

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