Summer time is iced tea time“Hot enough for you?”  This weekend was a proper, sweltering summer weekend where we live – just the way you picture your summer weekends when you’re freezing and craving just a few more minutes of daylight in the depths of winter.

Whether you’re working up a thirst with sports, gardening or just laying in a deck chair, there’s just something irreplaceable about a tall glass of iced tea.  Be sure to use lots of ice, please –  cold condensation running down the outside of the glass is part of the experience!

This is definitely not the last iced tea recipe you’re going to see on this blog this summer, but we thought it would be great to give you a couple options to enjoy July’s tea of the month.   Since strawberries are currently in season  in our area, I’ll start off with the local angle.

Early Saturday morning, we headed to our local farmer’s market to pick up whatever looked good for the weekend/week.   (Side note: everything looked good!)   Some beautiful strawberries and fresh mint seemed just right for concocting a new summer punch iced tea recipe.

Seven Sisters Tea Summer PunchRECIPES:

Recommended listening: Boogie Nights Pool Party on Songza.


8 cups water
8 tsp Summer Punch loose tea.
2 cups fresh, hulled strawberries.  Some whole, some sliced.
1 small bunch fresh mint or to taste
Simple syrup, to taste

Add the water and tea into a saucepan and bring to a light boil then remove from heat and let steep for as long as it takes the tea to cool to room temperature.

Add the strawberries and mint to a pitcher (preferably a glass one) and then fill with ice. Once the tea has cooled, strain the tea into the pitcher.   Personally, I find that the Summer Punch tea doesn’t need to be sweetened – it has deep honey notes and pleasant fruitiness, but isn’t too, too sweet.   So – add sweetener to your own taste.

Important step – fill a tall glass with still more ice.   Pour tea over the ice, garnish with a mint spring and a straw!


Looking for something a bit more evocative of a trip to the tropics?   Try our Summer Punch Sangria:

Use 1 tsp of Seven Sisters Summer Punch tea per 6 oz. of water

  • Let steep while cooling in fridge
  • When tea is cooled pour over ice
  • Add apple slices and pineapple chunks
  • Let sit for a couple hours, then serve!

We want to know what your favourite ways are to drink tea during the heat of summer.   Please share your secret recipes in the comments!