What’s in your tea?

The best thing about loose leaf tea is all the benefits of the tea, spices and herbs that go into them. But do you know what they are actually doing for you? Here is a list of some of the super powerful ingredients in some of the Seven Sisters Tea and what teas you can find them in. Elderberries- Boost the immune system, lower blood sugar, help with weight loss, beneficial to digestion. Helps with respiratory problems associated with coughs and colds. Found in Fountain of youth and Garden of Eden. Tulsi- One of India’s most sacred herbs, an...

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DIY Tea Bath Bombs

[fbshare url=”https://www.facebook.com/sevensisterstea” type=”button” width=”100″] Bath Bombs are a simple one step addition to make bath time like a little vacation. Lavender is one of the most relaxing, therapeutic scents out there. Many people enjoy it not only in a tea but in countless beauty products as well. A little history of the beautiful purple plant; It is found mostly in Southern Europe and as far as Southeast India. Harvested primarily for essential oil use, it has been known to soothe headaches,  burns, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, relaxes the body and mind; and of course smells amazing. But back to the...

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Loose Leaf Tea x Custom Culture – Personalize Your Tea Blends

One of the best parts about loose leaf tea is the endless possibilities to explore new flavours. You can take those possibilities farther by mixing teas together to personalize your tea blends.  When you find the right combination, it’s like having your very own custom blend! This might seem like breaking the rules, but when it comes to tea who really makes the rules anyways? Who says you can’t mix a white tea with an herbal or a rooibos with a green tea. Mixing teas is a great way to experiment with different tastes and ingredients. Some of the...

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