Feeling Worn Down? Here’s A Sleepy Head Recipe

If you start to feel a bit of an energy lag this time of year, you’re not alone.   In fact, it’s very common to feel like you need more rest as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler and even a bit damp.  The reason for this feeling is pretty simple actually – it’s because you do need more rest. If you follow much of today’s health research, we are starting to see a great deal of trending around sleep as the next great health advantage.  Perhaps they assume that we’ve already got our nutrition in...

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Yeah, yeah: it’s a superfood. Here are 8 other green tea uses

Way back when we first started this blog in May of this year, we asked our Facebook friends what type of things they and you would want us to include in the blog.  It’s one of those things: we work in the tea business and so we talk tea all day and sometimes forget that we probably end up learning about a lot of cool things that would be useful or fun for our customers, friends and family. Part of the feedback we got was that lots of people are interested in the health benefits of green tea but also...

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2 Recipes For Summer Punch Iced Tea

“Hot enough for you?”  This weekend was a proper, sweltering summer weekend where we live – just the way you picture your summer weekends when you’re freezing and craving just a few more minutes of daylight in the depths of winter. Whether you’re working up a thirst with sports, gardening or just laying in a deck chair, there’s just something irreplaceable about a tall glass of iced tea.  Be sure to use lots of ice, please –  cold condensation running down the outside of the glass is part of the experience! This is definitely not the last iced tea recipe you’re...

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Recipe: Frozen Spice Route Oolong Chai Latte

Summer is here and if you’re looking for ways to enjoy your tea and cool down at the same time, you’re not alone. This summer, we’re going to create a variety of recipes that will incorporate everything we love about summer – cool drinks, relaxing days, fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market and happy times. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. Frozen Spice Route Oolong Chai Latte We’re coming out of the gate strong – this drink is luxuriously creamy but actually has no added sugar. Feel free to add sugar...

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Can You Freeze Loose Tea?

“Can you freeze loose tea?” It’s a question we get surprisingly often and there is no real short answer to it.  So, we were thinking instead of “short,” we’ll go for “our best” answer. Think about your current favourite tea.   Is it a simple herbal?  Maybe it’s a traditional black or green tea?   Right now our best sellers tend to be more complex blends, made up not just of tea but also various dried fruits, herbs and flowers.   Much of what gives these teas their delightful flavor and equally important bouquet is the essential oils contained in them. The...

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